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The fares shown below apply to our trains during the summer season from Easter to early November. In winter and for special events, different fares apply, which can be found in the Events section.

The most important prices at a glance

Section Single Ticket
Return Ticket
 Brohl - Burgbrohl  € 7.00  € 9.00
 Brohl - Oberzissen  € 10.50  € 13.50
 Brohl - Engeln  € 14.00  € 17.50


You can get the tickets at the counter at Brohl BE station and - when boarding at all other stations - directly from the conductor on the train. Please note that in both cases only cash payment is possible. Pre-registered groups can also receive an invoice on request. Reservations are only possible for groups of 10 people or more. Individual travelers can simply come to the train station and purchase their ticket there.

The detailed fares for the 2024 summer season can be found below (all figures in euros for 2nd class):


191213 Hg WabenplanFare zone system

Our fare system is structured by price levels in accordance with the adjacent map. The number of zones travelled (including the start zone) corresponds to the price level for the section you have chosen. The respective fares can be found in the table opposite.

221214 Hg Tarif 2023 ENReturn Tickets

Our cheap return tickets are available for every section between Brohl and Engeln and are strongly discounted compared to the separate purchase of two single tickets.

The price for your route can be found in the table opposite.

Single tickets

Single tickets are offered for every section between Brohl and Engeln. The respective price can be found in the first lines of the adjacent table.

VRM MobilCard

With the MobilCard of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel (VRM) you get a 20% discount on all single and return tickets.

More information about the MobilCard at VRM.


Children under 6 years travel free on our trains.

Half the price of the single or return ticket applies to children aged 6 to 15 years.

Schoolchildren and students who hold a VRM-Schüler-Plus ticket can travel for free. For details, see "VRM Student Plus Ticket".

P1060528 Kopie

Family Ticket

Families get a particularly cheap train ride on the Vulkan-Expreß: the price of a family ticket always corresponds to the price of a return ticket for 2 adults. Children travel free on the family ticket.

The family ticket is valid for up to 2 adults with up to 3 children (or all your own children) up to and including the age of 15 as a return ticket on the entire Brohl - Engeln route or on a partial section. The family ticket is available with and without a steam supplement:

  •      Family ticket for the entire line, 2nd class for diesel trains: € 35.00
  •      Family ticket for the entire line, 2nd class for steam trains: € 47.00
  •      Family ticket for the entire line, 1st class for diesel trains: € 51.00
  •      Family ticket for the entire line, 1st class for steam trains: € 63.00

VRM guest ticket & Kurkarte Bad Breisig or Ahrtal

Overnight guests who have received the VRM guest ticket from their host and holders of the Bad Breisig or Ahrtal Kurkarte (spa cards) receive a 20% discount on our single and return tickets in the Vulkan-Expreß. More information about the VRM guest ticket can be found here.

Interrail / Eurail

Holders of a valid Interrail or Eurail pass receive a 50% discount on all single and return tickets in the Vulkan-Expreß.


Dogs travel free of charge on our trains.

Group Tickets

Groups of 10 persons or more receive tiered discounts on single and return tickets upon prior reservation. All information about this can be found under Group Offers.

VRM-Student-Plus Ticket

We accepts the Student-Plus Ticket of the Rhein-Mosel transport association (VRM) in 2nd class on all trains. The ticket is aimed at all pupils, students, interns and volunteers as well as civil servants and participants in a voluntary social year or comparable services (federal voluntary service etc.) up to and including 27 years. It applies to all means of transport in the VRM, including the Brohltalbahn, on school days from 2 p.m., during holidays and on weekends full-time throughout the entire network. The Brohltalbahn does not sell the ticket.

Further information on the Student-Plus Ticket and how to purchase it can be obtained from the VRM.


Our severely handicapped guests travel with us free of charge in 2nd class by presenting their ID with special signs for free use of public transport (signs "G", "aG", "Bl", "H" or "Gl ") and the valid token. ID cards marked with "B" also include free travelling of an accompanying person. The transport of severely disabled persons, their accompanying persons and medical wheelchairs as well as their hand luggage is based on the currently applicable version of the Severely Disabled Persons Act.


Passengers who join us on their birthday travel for free!

1st class supplement

Most of our trains convey 1st class coaches. Compared to the hard seating with wooden benches in the 2nd class, you will find comfortable upholstered seats in groups of two and four. To use 1st class, a distance-dependent supplement per person and direction of travel is required in accordance to the table above.

Children from 6-15 years pay half the supplement. For the use of 1st class in steam trains, the steam supplement is also charged (see below).

Steam supplement

Days with steam-hauled trains are associated with a significantly higher requierement of personnel and rolling stock. We therefore have to charge a steam supplement for all steam-hauled passenger trains per person and direction. A small contribution for a great experience!

The amount of the steam supplement is shown in the table above. Children from 6-15 years pay half the supplement. Steam supplement on the entire line to Engeln are only charged up to Oberzissen, since the section Oberzissen - Engeln is only served by diesel trains.

Tickets of public transport associations and Deutsche Bahn

Tickets of public transport associations and DB tickets (BahnCard, Quer-durch-Land-Ticket, Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket etc.) are not valid for travel on Brohltalbahn with the exception of the VRM tickets shown above.

Conditions of Travel

Here is the fine print! All the details of the conditions of travel can be found below.

Please note the following when traveling on our historical trains:

  •     The train can stop on the way. Don't get off by yourself! Always pay attention to the instructions given by the train staff!
  •     Leaning out of windows and open stages is not permitted.
  •     Always look for a firm hold while standing!
  •     Smoking on the train is not permitted.
  •     Brohltalbahn has the right of catering on the route.
  •     Under no circumstances should you throw objects off the train! Please deposit waste in the waste containers on the train or in the waste bins at the Brohl and Engeln stations.
  •     There is no right to a seat! The train staff can refer you to specific wagons or seats.
  •     Under certain circumstances, you can get dirty! Smoke and steam, oils and fats are part of a historical railway. The steam locomotive emits soot particles.
  •     If you have children with you, please make sure that they also follow the instructions above. Never leave your children unattended.

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